30 Minute Volley Session

30-Minute Volley Session Guaranteed To Improve Your Volleys

In this tennis volley session, Match Point Tennis coaches Chris and Cade Nadeau will show you a 30-minute volley session you can practice 2 to 3 times a week, guaranteed to improve your volleys.

The volley is the easiest shot in tennis to learn as it’s so simple yet so many players struggle to get it right as they do too much with the racket.

Here are 5 drills to perfect your net game:

Drill #1 – Volley to volley crosscourt from the service line. Players should try to do 20 to 30 in a row without any half volleys before they move to the other side. Progression is to do volley to volley while moving across the service line.

Drill #2 – Volleys from the middle of the service box. The player should try to get 10 to 30 volleys landing in zone 4 (between 3/4 court and the baseline). This drill will help the player understand what it feels like to exaggerate the hitting zone on their volleys to keep them deep.

Drill #3 – Volley to overhead crosscourt. Trying to get a total of 10 volleys and overheads moving through the baseline on each side.

Drill #4 – Volleys closing down the net. This is a great drill to work on closing down the net after you hit a volley from the service line. Lay some targets down and see how accurate you are.

Drill #5 – Half volley with two volleys closing the net. This drill replicates what it might be like to attack the net after a serve and you have to pick up a half volley from 3/4 court and you want to continue to come to the net.

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