Garage Tennis Training Routines

Garage Tennis Training Routines

Crazy times at the moment! We hope you are safe and keeping healthy. It is very challenging for everyone – Globally. Here in New Brunswick, Canada – like most of the globe – we’re in lockdown mode. And it is cold and wet, so you can’t do much outside.

Given most people are either housebound or do not feel safe going to a gymnasium or even to practice tennis. We wanted to offer the tennis community some form of training, they could do to get through this period of time.

Over the past few weeks we have been putting together some garage tennis training routines tennis players can utilize in a small space, with minimal equipment. Currently, we have designed 4 at-home/garage training routines for tennis players to stay in shape during these tough times. They require zero equipment, very little space but a will to work hard!

All you need is your racquet, a tennis ball, a garage or enough space to take three steps. That’s it.

This time stuck at home is a huge opportunity for tennis players all around the world to upgrade their core, fundamental skills without getting derailed by the pressure of playing matches.

Garage Tennis Training Part 1

Garage Tennis Training Part Deux

Garage Tennis Training Part 3 -> Moved Outdoors To Tennis Wall Training

Garage Tennis Training Part 4 ? Back Outdoors With Volleys Off The Garage Door (949 Volleys In Under 15 Minutes)

Let’s get after this! You can always find a way to get better. Just use your imagination.

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