Atlantic Canada College Tennis

What Does It Take For Tennis Players From Atlantic Canada To Play College Tennis?

This podcast is an interview I had with Luke Saunders on Nadeau Sports Recruiting. I thought this would be a good listen for other tennis players wanting to play college tennis.

Luke shares:

  • Where he gets the best fish and chips and sushi in Halifax.
  • How he got started in tennis.
  • Finding places to train and get better (Ontario, Italy, Florida and Nova Scotia).
  • How his parents supported him.
  • Did playing multi-sports like hockey, curling, tennis help him?
  • How he pushed his tennis brand.
  • The best piece of advice he learned while getting killed in the NB Open Final.
  • And he even name drops a bunch of tennis names from Atlantic Canada, so make sure you listen and see if he mentions you. ?

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