Junior Tennis Footwork Drills That You Can Do Anywhere

Junior Tennis Footwork Drills That You Can Do Anywhere

We want to share a compilation of tennis footwork training that you can do on the court, at home or in a gym. You can do all of these drills from anywhere, which will make you a better mover from the baseline when hitting your groundstrokes.

Don’t let not having access to a training facility keep you from getting better at tennis.

Drill One – In this drill, you’re working on all the footwork needed to hit your groundstrokes from the baseline. Neutral stance, open stance and defending stance. You can perform 3 sets of this.

Drill Two – Same as the first drill, except you, add the bands to add some resistance. This will help with your explosiveness as you move to the ball on the baseline. You can perform 3 sets of this. These are the bands we grabbed on Amazon.

Drill Three – Flow Split Step drill from @tenfitmen. This drill incorporates some fitness as well as improving your movement to the ball as you split and change direction while in the air. You can perform 3 sets of this.

All of these drills you can do without hitting a ball, however, if you do have access to a court, definitely try hitting balls with hand feeds.

Why are we so focused on footwork?

When Cade was 9 he asked Venus Williams on Twitter what a young junior should focus on. He received a tweet back from Venus and this was her response

Venus Williams Footwork Tweet

Now you know why Cade focuses so much on his footwork.

Who do you think the best movers are on the ATP and WTA tours?

2 thoughts on “Junior Tennis Footwork Drills That You Can Do Anywhere

  1. Dana Reply

    This is a very good video and the message here is loud and clear: you can become of very good player by doing these training drills.
    In fact I don’t think just playing tennis will ever get you to your best possible level.
    Cade and Chris are demonstrating very clearly what you need to do to become outstanding.
    WTG! This is coaching excellence – period!

  2. Chris Reply

    Thanks Dana! Not sure about coaching excellence but we are just trying to do the best we can with the cards that have been dealt to us. ?

    Give the footwork patterns a try and let me know how you make out. Any other types of videos or posts you would like to see?

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