tennis serve drill

Tennis Serve Drill: How To Improve Your Spot Serving (Flat, Kick and Slice)

Tennis Serve – One drill you should do to work on your spot serving.

The serve in tennis is the most complex shot in the game and for the vast majority of players, the most complicated and hardest stroke to master. Mostly because they try to hit it too hard.

Yes, it’s nice to have a big, bomb for a serve, but we also feel it is just as important, if not more important to work on hitting your spots.

The biggest reason why Roger Federer’s serve is so effective, even though he does not have one of the fastest serves on the tour, is that he can hit his spots with all of his serves (Flat, kick and slice).

The key in this drill is being able to hit all your serves through each spot in the service box. Being able to do this in a match can really throw off the rhythm of your opponent’s return of serve.

In today’s new video we show you a drill to help you work on hitting your spots. It’s time to practice your serve with a purpose! Step up to the baseline and see if you can beat Cade in this challenge.


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