Tennis Specific Warm Up (Part 2)

Tennis-Specific Warm Up (Part 2)

A continuation from our mini tennis video, which is the first part of our tennis-specific warm up.

Watch Part 1 –> Tennis Warm Up Drill: Play Mini Tennis Like Stefanos Tsitsipas (Part 1)

Here are three other drills we do for our warm up.

Drill #1 – Baseline to baseline hitting down the middle at deep targets. Do this for about 3-5 mins. Keep score to see who hits the most targets.

Drill #2 – Volleys from the middle of the service box. Cade tries to get 15 volleys rising through the baseline or keeping me behind the baseline.

Drill #3 – Volley to overhead crosscourt. Trying to get a total of 10 volleys and overheads moving through the baseline on each side.

After you finish this warm-up, you should be ready to crush it for the rest of your training. Depending on the day our tennis-specific warm up can last 15-30 mins.

What drills do you do for your warm up?

2 thoughts on “Tennis-Specific Warm Up (Part 2)

  1. Dana Brown Reply

    First time I’ve heard the concept of getting the volleys to rise through the baseline.
    Excellent measure of a quality shot. How did I miss that measure. I’ll start working on that tomorrow. An excellent way to encourage quality volleys!

  2. Chris Reply

    Rise may not be the best term actually, but keep me behind the baseline hitting my next shot. Obviously we do not want our volleys bouncing up, but more through the court.

    Let me know how you make out.

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